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EnergyPlus brings you a range of Spiritual self-help practices & gadgets that inspire you to live a prosperous & well balanced life. Ancient wisdom translated into practical products which are created and energized with the single motive of benefiting the believer. Most products are handmade at facilities that work in under-developed countries to empower the struggling masses. Thus, your purchase at EnergyPlus.Club benefits you and another individual or family in the “Pay it Forward” philosophy.

Oils and Desi Ghomata (Gir cows) based ingredients are researched, procured in the purest forms and passed through simple processing & packaging techniques to ensure that the freshness is retained. We work with Non-Profit Organizations to cultivate, collect and packaging, thus helping the local ecosystems to thrive and uplift their economies.

Vastu Without Demolition​

Yoga, Indian food and Meditation have been accepted worldwide as the trend-setters in Health, Lifestyle & Mindfulness. Be it Football coaches, Hollywood or our Politicians, everyone’s ga-ga about these. New kid on the block is Vastu – the science of Energy Balancing in both your personal being and surroundings.

Vastu Science has become a trend-setter in the Far East, Europe and now North America. Mansions, French Villas, Homes, Work spaces and Business locations are now harnessing the power of positive Vastu to ensure growth in Business, a positive work aura and a well-balanced lifestyle.

Consulting a knowledgeable Vastu expert helps you understand the various Good & Bad zones in your living & work spaces. These spaces can be influenced with negative & positive energies – which when balanced can lead to optimal living.

Some experts balance the negative zones by suggesting that they be demolished and reconstructed as per correct Vastu. However, working with our well-experienced Vastu Consultants who can deliver results without demolition. These experts have devised a model to ensure that this energy transformation journey can be as interactive, fruitful and minimally destructive to your spaces.

Once you call us, our Customer Specialists work with you to collect as much information on the space you want evaluated. This data helps the experts plot charts based on the various directions and locations of key resources in your space. This is followed by a consultation with the Vastu Expert who will interact with you to understand current situational challenges that you want normalized.

Detailed reports are prepared and remedies are defined based on implementation constraints. We then discuss the report with you and guide you through the process.

All this will take about 1-2 weeks, and the outcome is evident based on how well you practice some of the lifestyle changes recommended.

Energy Balancing

Does everything seem unattainable to you even after trying wholeheartedly? No matter how hard you try to manage things, yet they just get tangled as you try more!

It seems like time is never enough and there is no connection left with family & friends.

The truth is, most people feel overwhelmed in their day-to-day lives. Multiple jobs, Family demands, Health care, bills and the list goes on-and-on-and-on, leading to imbalance in health, family life or even mental calm.

The practice of Energy balancing in the eastern philosophy teaches us to build & maintain a daily routine of:

  • Personal reflection
  • Mindfulness training
  • Physical ability to meet demanding times

Get in touch with our Experts to gain further information and bid GOOD-BYE to such imbalances. Balancing the energies in your Work & Home is as essential as purifying your mind, body and soul. If you are facing any kind of issues in any area of life, there are high chances that your Vastu needs to be in alignment with the right energies.

Our experts will consult with you and prescribe the right practice for Energy channeling. This is a daily practice and will follow the self-help regiment of building a habit out of it.

Wellness Coaches

The COVID era has taught us one thing and that is – we need to take Optimal care of our body, mind and spirit. 1000s of lives were lost during this phase to fear, misgivings about health/comorbid conditions and poor state of mind.


If there is one thing that humans have control over, it is their mental state and physical health. However, before you embark on this journey, choosing a practitioner or coach to discuss your current status is essential. 


The offering provided here allows you to discuss your diet, mental health, physical being and internal dosha (shortcomings) with an Ayurvedic practitioner. The expert diagnoses your body type and suggests you the best course of action in terms of Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle change. Once this milestone is achieved, you are strongly recommended to adapt these changes to internalize them. Disorders related to Skin, Hair and Lifestyle diseases can be minimized with such regular practice.

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