45 days Affirmation Program

With the 21-days Assert-action training program, you will participate in a daily 2-hours online session that will teach you:

  • Positive affirmations in daily life
  • Balancing life, work & relationships (with monthly calibration)
  • Energize your surroundings for long term gain (subtle daily changes)

This program is best suited for adults and children above the age of 14. This program helps in clarifying your Goals, initiate a daily Meditation practice, setup your weekly Yoga routine. 

The program combines 60-minutes of Yoga practice, 30-minutes of Mindfulness meditation and 30-minutes of personalized consultation with the expert. 

The program is designed to help you start a daily practice of Yoga activity, Reflecting & Thoughtfulness, thus helping in Clarifying and Planning for Goals/Milestones.