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Increase good health, wealth, happiness & prosperity.

Hi! This is Acharya Satya Prabhu, and I am a scientific Vastu Consultant.
Vastu without Demolition is my USP.
Every house includes all kinds of energies in it and if you balance all these energies,
you’ll create a fortune for yourself & your family.

Energy balancing  will invite all the good things into your life to improve & make it better.

How Vastu Can Shape Your Destiny?

Sometimes we see someone successful and wonder how they were able to reach such heights in almost no time, while I was taking the same efforts & working as hard as them.

Vastu can shape your destiny in both positive and negative ways.

Let Vastu show results in your life!

Planning Your Life For Success - The Vastu Way!

If I knock on your door & offer you a successful life, would you accept it? Of course, you would! Everyone of us wants to be successful in life - be it in career, health or wealth.
Usually people take keen interest in Vastu mainly for 3 reasons.
1. Can I Create Wealth?
2. Can I Attract Money?
3. Can I Grow Big?

YES! you can attract money with the help of Vastu.

Vastu gives strength to your hard-work. Whatever work you do, it gets powerful & attractive. This is why India has the richest temples in the world. A Vastu compliant home can lead you towards a successful life. Every house is a combination of +ve & -ve energies. Balancing & making use of these energies will set you on the path of success & prosperity.

The right structure, design, and interior as per Vastu, will impact every action taken by you:

  • Sleep while keeping your head in the east to improve concentration
  • Always sit facing the main entrance of the house while doing anything important.
  • Use the southeast corner of the house to keep all the electronics as it promotes career growth.
  • The above steps will help you feel energetic & vibrant, you’ll start experiencing growth in your wealth and other areas of life.

Get Rid of all the negative energies that are holding you & your life back.

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With thirteen years of successful ongoing online vastu solutions from 2009 to the present, the vastu experts at EnergyPlus.Club are renowned personalities in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Palmistry and Corporate Consulting.
These experts have acquired a PhD in Vastushastra with study and research in Gemology and additional Shastras. They have a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential clientele. By far, they are regarded as the best Vastu consultants in the USA and Canada. Fast & Easy Service: For availing of the online vastu service one needs to send three portions of information:
  • The scaled map or layouts ( image or pdf ) and the orientation or direction of that property. Suppose a scaled map is not available, a rough diagram or sketch with dimension works. Don’t worry about the directions; you can share google’s location.
  • We help you at every step for zero errors, we’ve been doing this for years, and our expert team makes sure all the data is correct and you’re guided well.
  • So If you are looking for online vastu services, you need not look any further. We’re at your service for every house and office related vastu problems.